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Education Consultant 
Independent Contractor

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Greetings, and thanks for stopping by! I've been in education for over two decades as a teacher, teacher coach, school designer, school leader, and a consultant. I support individuals and teams who care about the future of young people, and who want to push the boundaries beyond what schooling has always been, to what it can be.


My mission is threefold: 

  • To empower both student and adult learners to define and achieve their goals, honoring each individual's discovery  and learning process. 

  • To support educators in creating student-centered learning environments and experiences that are: personalized, competency-based, anytime/anywhere learning, and student ownership driven.

  • To affect change in education landscapes that will lead to a more just world in which children and adults find joy, purpose, and meaningful connections to each other, their communities, and the environment.  

As a strategic learning partner, I offer a variety of supports for long and short-term goals. Please reach out to find out more about how I can support you! 


What I Do

Depending on your needs, I can support you and your teams in a variety of ways. I utilize a Human Centered Design  approach to focus on people, the core of problems, and testing and improving upon ideas through systems thinking and iteration cycles. In other words, if you have a dream you'd like to achieve or a problem you'd like to solve, I have many years of experience, lessons learned, and strategies collected to help you and your team reach success. In whatever stage you are in during the process of creating something new, or refining something you desire to improve upon, collaboration with me will save you time and money, and help you get further, faster. 



Align on impact goals/Understand who you are designing for 


Why does your organization or project exist, and what problem are you solving for? What is your WHY?

I support teams in unearthing and clearly defining their purpose, vision, and/or problems of practice so that all stakeholders will be inspired to take action towards a common goal.  

Brainstorm, create frameworks, prototype, test, refine


What are the core drivers necessary to help you realize your vision and mission?

I support in co-designing the blueprints of your plan, identifying the core drivers, supporting systems, and resources needed to operationalize your vision in a clear, cohesive and streamlined way.



Develop tools, strategies, & practices/ Launch, implement, monitor, iterate

 What do you need to execute your goals?



I source and build customized tools, strategies, protocols and practices to help operationalize your model. This is where we develop, prototype, test and course correct along the way. 


Lisa brings a unique disposition and learner stance as a collaborator and co-creator who is willing to engage in the often challenging and complex work of school and educational programming design.  Equally as important, she has the lived experience that allows her to be there to troubleshoot and refine implementation through a thoughtful sustained approach.


Let's chat

Thanks for submitting!  /  Tel: 303-842-3579  

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