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Clients and Partnerships

I have had the great honor and privilege to support several clients as an education consultant on both local and national levels.  


Grand Junction High School (GJHS) received funding to rebuild a new high school. I am supporting the GJHS redesign of its instructional model aligned to Early College principles and practices. 

Mesa 51, Grand Junction, Co., 


Colorado Department of Education approved District Strategic Partner. 

La Luz logo 1_edited.jpg

Denver Microschool support from concept to launch.  Community place-based learning. 

La Luz was just named one of the 15 most innovative programs in the country to expand equitable access to personalized education by Transcend.


Empower logo.png

Co-creation of high school college and career readiness strategic  plan. Concurrent enrollment, CTE, graduation guidelines, counselor support. 

Spring, 2021

novastar academy logo.png

Charter application support. Writing, revising, model feedback. 

Spring, 2021

DLS logo.png

Denver Microschool school design support. Competency-based, project based, place-based. Private school model. 

Summer, 2020

Compass academy logo.png

Competency-based highschool design.  Build out of competencies and continua rubrics. (Modeled after reDesign, Building 21, South Carolina, Crosstown) 

Winter, 2020

National Organizations
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xq logo.jpeg

As a consultant for Springpoint and XQ Institute, I was a part of a nationwide project to revamp the high school experience. As a content expert, I was a member of teams that visited schools across the country  that engaged in school design using  XQ’s Design Principles Rubric to support the long-term, iterative work of continuous improvement. 

Fall and winter, 2019-2020

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I was one of 100 consultants from around the country, and one of 11 on the Language Arts team, who engaged in reDesign's ambitious launch and effort to redesign the k-12 content map so that it is more multicultural, inclusive and anti-racist. See the 5-year plan here

Summer, 2021

LCC logo_edited.jpg

I was hired to design professional learning experiences for on-line workshops for learner centered assessment practices and backwards design. This work was done remotely with consultants from across the country.

Summer, 2021

Other Endeavors and Partnerships
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Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 7.37.32 PM.png

In the summer of 2021, I was a resident of Iterative Space, a Design Lab in northwest Denver dedicated to providing the conditions and space for education professionals to come together to dream, build and reimagine what’s possible in education for 6 weeks. Much of our process was to learn about and test Liberatory Design Thinking practices, design thinking with a mission toward equity. 

In the Fall of 2021, I provided a 3-day stained glass workshop at Embark as a part of a Kinetic Bike Art Project as a part of a grant to pilot elements of a pending arts integration micro school through a grant from VELA. Check out a highlight on our project HERE!

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MindSpark logo.png

I will be participating with VELA and Mindspark in an Educator Excelerator program for Denver micro schools during the 2022-23 school year. We will have support services centered around organizational sustainability and growth, and an opportunity to work through problems of practice with other micro schools in Colorado. 

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